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Zohar Dalia specializes in the manufacture of laundry and cleaning products for the home, with a focus on the retail market. The company's retail Business unit comprises several departments which provide a targeted solution for each stage of the development process.


Everything from building marketing concepts and ideas, tailored to your needs, to the creation of different product formulas for a series of products is covered. Going beyond, the company will obtain all required approvals in compliance with the country's specifications for marketing and distribution.


Rounding out the entire life cycle, Zohar Dalia will consult with targeted markets on everything from marketing and package design, thereby supporting a comprehensible transportation and export process, offering an end-to-end solution through the point of sale.


Zohar Dalia's retail division also represents customers and subcontractors in private label scenarios. The company's customers realize benefits from this comprehensive solution, offering them peace of mind, intensive Quality Assurance, accountability and unparallelled support. All production is done according to Israeli standards.


Zohar Dalia:

  • Utilizes innovative processes in it's cutting edge chemical lab before released to its existing factory
  • Has the knowledge and experience to handle comprehensive regulatory and licensing issues such as treatment and safety standards if needed
  • Possesses an unlimited ability to develop and produce private labels based on specific requirements in a very complex and competitive cleaning industry


Our Leading Products

  • Washing Powders
  • Washing Liquids
  • Stain Removers
  • Cleaning and Home Fragrance
  • Disinfecting and Degreasing Materials
  • Toiletries and Lotions


All of Zohar Dalia's products are high quality, ranging from the most basic cleaning materials to the most heavy duty.


In the company's mission to provide a 360 degree solution, Zohar Dalia promises to:

  • Assist customers in the brand building process
  • Fully comprehend all customer requirements and customers in their specific market.
  • Support the selection of raw materials for product creation, including choosing the color variety and scents for approval
  • Complete the cycle for private labels in a quick and efficient fashion



The laundry segments is one of the most competitive industries in the domestic and International market. Zohar Dalia's retail division answers the challenges of competing with all detergents on the market today. The division services International retail brands as well as domestic ones.


It is through design, packaging and variety that our solution provides, that will get the attention of your customers, when making a purchasing decision.